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Alina Pooping In Autumn Forest

Alina pooping in autumn forest

Alina Is Bathing And Shitting Under The Trees

Alina and I came to the river. Today it’s very hot +29 and Alina really wanted to take a dip in the cool water. We rested, ate watermelon, when suddenly Alina wanted to shit. On the beach there were a lot of people and we spent some time to find a place where Alina could calmly take it! After 5 minutes of searching, we found a deserted place in which Alina poured out her smelly shit!

Public Shit And Piss On The Highway Bridge!

I`m a extremely showing Slut and therefore mostly, I wear no panties, under my dress, and skirt! And because I had just shitting and peeing, I went on a motorway bridge! There I Pissed first a huge amount of piss and then, I have beautiful, pooped. The car and truck drivers could see me and watched me ! Some truck drivers honked when I was doing my business! Seems, they like what they saw!

Big Farts And Very Long Shit Sausage

I must so loud and long Farting…..then i liying on the floor and spread my legs!! I open my rosette and must too much shit soft sausages….then comes more soft shit,a very big Portion!!Come and lick my asshole clean….