Vomit Drunk Grils

3 Dumps

Just as the title says, I release three booty-ful shits. My poo-poo fans LOVE watching my gaping anus expand with brown shitty goodness so thatÂ’s exactly what I give you, back to back. My ass is turned to the cam, butt perked out. Stick your tongue out & enjoy. The second two shits include shots of the shits themselves. This clip is perfect for those who love seeing the pink of my anus as I push out! (GIF doesn’t represent quality of the video! Actual clip is HD 1080p)***DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE MY VIDEOS!!!***

The Monster Sausage Must Go

I think zhis is the biggest sausage i have shitting in last time!! You can see very good on my rosette,a very good POV camera Position…..Then i must so much press and the asshole must so opening for the big and long shit….slowly comes the monstersausage out….wow,ant you clean my floor? Can you eat so much shit?

Jessy – Taste Her Shitty Ass!

Jessy is a girl into stinky shitgames. She tried it first in front of our camera and was really getting naughty about it… She likes guys that put their faces into her stinky shitsmeared ass!

He Eats Piss, Shit, Puke For Pleasure! – Part 2

She sits on his puke-smeared face and pees on him. She makes him drink her piss and preps him for the shit she’s about unload!