Vomit In My Ass

Toilet Slave For Two

I have a visit from Christina Ventura, and we are talking how we can abuse our new slave prospect. Anyway I need to pee, so he can start his tryout as a toilet. I let my champagne flow, but he really misses a lot! This does not make me happy. SO I have him turn around, and lick the missed pee from the floor.Christina need to pee as well, so she position herself over his mouth. She has a lot for him, but again, he is not being a good toilet. He still misses a lot, and again he must lick the pee from the floor. We even let him lick pee from our feet.


Hot Margo is sexy pantyhose vore running big diareeah!

I Shit From The Bed

Today I shit from my bed.

Pantyhose And Bowl Pee

First a sexy pissing in a pantyhose then pissing in a bowl!