Vomit On Her Bra

Spanking Her Ass And Piss On It

Spanking her Ass and Piss on it (JJ000852)

A Really Big Dump For Breakfast

I am such a beautiful and sexy Princess, and I can have my slaves do whatever I want when I want it! My slave is admiring me, and this morning I have prepared his breakfast. I have him admire my sexy ass, and I make it clear that he will receive my precious gifts in his mouth, as the toilet he is to me. I can really see no other use for pathetic losers like this. He should actually be grateful that I choose to use him for this honorable task. As he lies beneath me I place a really big pile of shit in his mouth covering both inside and outside. Well, after all he paid for dinner last night, so this is my contribution for breakfast! I love to watch my slaves having my big dump in their mouth and their face.. I want only dedicated slaves! I have the slave clean his dirty mouth, and when he comes back he have to clean the rest of his breakfast from my asshole, until it is spotlessly clean. But losers like this are simply just nothing but shit eaters and shit cleaners!

Mistress Scats On Older Lover! – Part 1

She sprays warm pee on his face and body. She stands up and pees on him some more.

Pissing For You

Two short clips of Me pising and ordering you to become my toilet slave!