Vomit Puke Cat Piss

Perverse Huge Scat On Slaves Face

my slave loves to lick my pandoletts and my nylon feet. so i shit a huge pile in his face and smear the shit all over him. then he has to lick my dirty stinking nylon feet.

Pissed In My Torn Jeans – Pure Golden Shower

Today I had the extreme demand to just piss in a torn pair of jeans again and just let it run. My bladder was so full I thought it just wouldn’t stop. I know that now you would have liked to lie under it and catch everything that went through the jeans with your mouth.

Shitting Outdoor

I din’t go to the toilet in the morning and long hoard up the shit inside. I was walking along the river and felt that I could not suffer anymore and I urgently needed a toilet … This stupid pig goes everywhere with me for any event. I use his mouth instead of my toilet. Open your mouth and swallow my delicious shit! You’re a toilet and don’t be embarrassed by this.