Vomit Puke Face Fuck Cat

A Livestock At Work

If Miss Jane wants, her own slave must dance immediately. She wears her favourite everyday shoes that have been through a lot in the last week. Among other things she stepped into shit with it, now she has made herself comfortable and waits for her slave who has to clean her dirty Nikes now with his tongue. She is very careful to make sure that the edges of the sole are clean and that all shit remains have been removed from the grooves. After this is done she pisses her slave in his mouth until he has to vomit. Then she tells him he’s not done yet, because she needs to shit. After she popped over his skull and he has eaten everything she notices that it presses again and craps him a second time in the mouth.

Huge Shit In Panties

Goddess Panther is running huge messy shit in panties, clean her messy ass.

Mistress Roberta -shitting On The Slave’s Face In Leather -full

Today my toilet slave came and i have a new surprise for him. I took my ecological leather leggings on and i order him to worship them while i fart in his face and after a while i pull down under my ass the leggings and i put his head between the ass and the leggings to hold his head good near my ass hole so i can shit in his mouth .Having his head betwin my legs, leggings and ass cheeks is very unconfortable to shit in his mouth so i tell him to bring the potty chair so i can sit and shit well on him but because of that much trouble the shit won’t come out by itself so i bring my enema and sqeeze it so i can clean well my ass into his mouth .I do one more enema so i can clean good all the shit remaining in my ass and after i empty the enema of water i take all the shit pieces and put them in his mouth and after i take some and put it on his chest and he gets on all fours and i order him to slurp and drink all the shit liquid on the floor .

Scat Play With My Clothes

A really horny desire of a user.I should make a nice big shit and then put on and put on – beautiful smear – my whole clothes, they tear, they tear – with my shoes in the shit play – you like hornyProduced by Suzan and Marc