Vomit Rough Up Puke

Delicious Shit Breakfast

Are you hungry slave? I know you are. Just follow me! That’s right you are a pig and now I will make your breakfast. Stay down and watch me how I make your nutritious breakfast. You can smell how tasty is it. Open your fucking mouth and swallow all shit that will fall into your throat! This would be our breakfast and your dinner for every day eating! You should be getting used to it!

Eat My Muffin!!!

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Golden Piss Served To Domesticated Slave

Not everyday can a mistress find the time to deliver solid food to her slave. On some days they must be given a liquid diet for ease of time in a mistresses busy life routine. Today is one of those days as the slave is grabbed by the hair and ordered to position himself under her seat for delivery of her finest juices. Once in position, this domestic goddess releases a firm stream of piss into the waiting mouth of her dedicated slave.