Vomiting Asian Girls

Insane Filthy Lovers. Part 5

It happens time to time that you have that irresistible wish in your mind to smear yourself completely and to become unite with shit, filth and dirtand when we have such wishes – they are usually common and happen in one day and usually we fulfill them immediately without any waste of time.Two crazy bitches with their master know how to make dreams into reality, how to make into reality the dirtiest and the most extreme things which some people onlyimagine because they are not brave enough. We know dirt, shit, vomit, pain mixed with pleasure.So join to us and get joy from the things we are doing with each other, and maybe this will make you more open minded and will show you theway how to turn your own dreams and wishes into reality.Enjoy.

Shitting Bathroom Babes…

Two hot blonde chicks lick and eat and smear each others shit…

Potty Mouth

Enough shitting into a regular toilet for one day don’t you think? My human toilet slave have seen enough of my shit going to waste. Time to use control and make him taste it again. He wasn’t warned before it happened, why should he be? He is my toilet & property to do with as I please.What I did was much worse than just shitting into his mouth directly. Watch as I take a very big creamy shit into a plate. Felt so good you can see my vagina swelling from the arousal. Although I suspect most eyes will be on my anus stretching open slowly as the thick creamy turds slide out.The overpowering horrible smell almost made ME gag. Chicken burgers with unions and fries always make for a horrible smelling & tasting shit for human toilets. I could experience the fire of wetness immediately between my legs as I told him: “Use your mouth to get THAT into the toilet” Of course as usual he respectfully thank me for this opportunity. See how swollen and red my vagina gets without me touching it? THAT is how arousing it is knowing he is going to have to take that nasty pile of my shit I just pushed out into his mouth. As I sat behind the camera watching him take my shit into his mouth bite after bite, chewing it and then spitting it into the toilet I had to fight the urge to masturbate with every fiber in my body. He then takes the camera and focus on my entire bowel movement that was turned into a mushy brown shit soup by his mouth as he again thanks me for the huge honor.Do not miss out on this clip where my slave chewed my entire bowel movement to show me how grateful he is to be called MY property!

Filthy, Sexy, Unimaginable. Part 4

Hello Everybody. ok, let me be humble on this one. In my humble opinion this is the best video we have ever filmed, we have almost reached the perfection. ok, dry numbers. 72 minutes full of action. Any kind of perversions you can possibly imagine, and full scat sex, here is what expects you here. We begin from piss session, than we go to vomit, thant we shit like crazy, smear, having all kind of pervert fucking, shitting time to time, end our video with cumming and than have piss session again. And all this goes like instant 72 minutes action. This video is proudly presented in full HD and due to site size restrictions it is separated on several parts. Love and Peace. Matilda