Vomiting On Dick

Sorry Slave You Stay Until You Swallowed All The Shit Part 11

Girls Uses Man

My New Dirty Toy

Today a guy has drawn the short straw and has to push his open mouth under my toilet seat. To his bad luck, I was not shit for two days and he now gets to eat a correspondingly rich pile. Too much for his tiny body? I do not care, I stuff the shit in his open mouth and pee on him again. Now he can lick the liquid manure from the floor!

Brunch Dump

Just got back from brunch near the park and had to poop badly, so i held it until i got home (since i can sometimes get a bit poop-shy in public)… what a relief that was!

Ass To Mouth

Watch her how she eats and shits, how she punish that slave…… sexy poo