Vvomit In Mouth

Security Guard Swallows Spit And Piss!

In the middle of the night, these two ladies who are taking the late shift get bored so they proceed to entertain themselves with the only man present in the office which is the security guard! They grab and drag him into a room and then order him to strip off his clothes! Outnumbered, he is left with no choice but to comply! When he is left with only his underwear, they lay him on the floor and then take turns spitting in his open mouth! Shortly after, they make him lick the floor clean from their saliva that didn’t shoot in his mouth! Eventually, they lay him on his back again and then smother him with their stockings! Though, they didn’t spend much time on this, instead, they proceed to take off their panties and then take turns urinating on his face! Because of this, he desperately grasps for air, consequently causing him to swallow a couple of mouthfuls of the women’s piss!


Oxana is messy pooping diareeah in sexy wide panties!

Bonita De Sax – Jara Jay: Double Piss Humiliation

We had a pretty big porn shoot in Leipzig, Germany. I pulled the two star guests Jara Jay and Bonita De Sax in the bathroom to give ’em a long piss shower. Piss swapping and swallowing, some brain fuck for my two girls… Yeah, we had fun!