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Big Relieve

I had a bladder problem and for some reason I havent pee for 2 days. The doc gave me some pills that would helpme pee. So I am going in my bed with my jeans on and waiting for the big relieve! My boyfriend gives me foot masage. But it didnt come and I doze off! When I wake up I m still dry..so disapointing, but here it comes…like river, like a waterfall…and I soak my jeans and my whole bed! So nice, so warm and…so sexy!:)

Mistress Isabella: Torture Before Scat

This is one of my last video i done this summer during a 24/7 by me in Sardinia! It is 26 minutes of tortures not so hard to prepare my slave at scat. At the end of the video i begins with pee and a little poo but in the 279.2 you will see a lot of pee and the bigger turd you never see!!!!! mp4

Hot Blonde College Girl Primadona Shits In The Big Green Bowl

Hot blonde college girl Primadona shits in the big green bowl

Cassie Sparx Mouth Stretching Log Ipod/iphone

Cassie Sparx delivers a long mouth stretching nasty log in her boys mouth.