Want To See Me Pee

Ms D’s Bombs Bursting In Air!!

It would only be appropriate on 4th of July to come with a Bombs bursting, Booty rockets in thin air pair of clips from one of my OG’s!! Ms D is back with two FUNKY clips !! Enjoy in the first as she slides out of her oh so tight denim, stonewashed jeans just in time to let out a very gassy, muddy dump before she can even sit on the toilet!! She gets settled in and pushes out even more soft serve along with pee and few more wet farts. That on top of her signature sexy natural grunting and straining provide plenty of fireworks!! Looks like Mexican food got the best of her!! In the second scene she returns with another mudbutt Hovering scene were it literally looked like a mudfight coming out her asshole!! In all nearly a dozen minutes of mudbutt and FUNKY poots and fireworks from on of my OG’s!!

A Whole Bowl Of Fresh Poop (mp4)

People have often a distorted idea of the mistresses, unjustly considered as heartless prodommes who are distinguished for their arrogance and bad manners. Conversely, the true dominant lady, has a strong maternal instinct and behave with their slave in exactly the same way as they as they were puppies to feed lovingly. A real mistress can’t leave without food her slave! For this reason, in this clip, you will see Mistress Melissa produce a generous amount of fecal matter in a bowl for her potential toilet slave, for example… you. Please, enjoy your meal: fresh poop for you!

Shitting On A Dish

Moist, creamy and nice lubricant – a hot wet pile on a plate – that I am shitting in front of your eyes with beautiful spread legs, with a sweet summer dress and spring-like heels!

Good Morning 🙂

do you have sleep well? I have to go to toilet at first 🙂