Wap Girl Pee And Poos

Mistress Gaia – Shit In A Hurry

I’m in a hurry because I’m late for my appointment. I put on my shoes and I make my slave lick their soles, which are very dirty, while I touch-up my make-up. Finally, I’m ready to go out when, suddenly, I hear a noise coming from my belly ….. I need to poop!! But why waste more time going to the toilet when I have my slave readily available? I order him to lie down on the floor, face up, with his mouth wide open. I squat over his head and I don’t even waste time to take off my thong; I just put it aside and ….. I relief myself. His mouth is full with my fragrant shit now and he knows what to do: he starts chewing and swallowing; not a single piece of shit must fall on the floor!! Also the paper I use to clean my ass ends up in his mouth. Finally, I’m ready to go out!

Shitting On Slave’s Face!

Her boytoy will do anything for her, even the really disgusting stuff just to make her happy. Right now she wants to take a dump on his pathetic face and he’s going to give that to her. She takes her panties off and squats her bare ass on his face. She makes him lick her pussy and asshole to prep her scatting. A couple of minutes later, she released a solid chunk of shit right into his open mouth. She commands him to eat it and he willingly obliges.

Domestic Slave Smothered, Piss On And Scatted On!

Smell your Mistress’s dirty underwear, taste her golden water and eat her shit!