Was Ist Das Frauen Bei Fiken Pissen

Scat Hero (wmv)

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Its SCAT HERO, yeah I know, its corny… but on this particular day, I felt like I had super powers when it came to peeing and shitting.. I mean so much came out almost every time I went.. and shit was damn near shootin’ outta my ass.. well anyway, If you are a true scat and pee fan.. you will love this little 24 hour adventure of piss and scat

Shit-smeared Orgy! – Part 1

These chicks start to make out and get naked on the teacher’s table! Soon they were taking turns sucking tits and eating pussy! One of them takes a dump right there and they make good use of the feces – they smear it all over their bodies!

Sandy First Time Hd Version

Today Lady Sandy shit the first time in her life into the mouth of a toilet slave. She is excited, but is also fun for her and so she is shitting a nice big turd in the throat of the toilet slave. Mistress Michelle is filimng all that and before Lady Sandy has to shit and while she is shitting she answers some questions of Mistress Michelle.