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Teacher Orders To Drink The Piss Of Two Sweethearts!

Two schoolgirls were not allowed by their professor to go to the comfort room during the middle of his class. As a result, at the end of the period, the women taught him a lesson! While on his way back to the faculty office, they grab him and then bring him into a nearby spare classroom! They then lay him on the floor and then take turns sitting on his face and smothering him with their crotches! The victim wants to fight back, but with their weight, there is nothing he could do! Eventually, they pull out a makeshift funnel made from a plastic bottle and then inserted it inside the mouth of the man! Then, they take turns urinating inside it, causing the victim to drink every drop of piss the ladies release! When they are done, one of them slobbers all over his mouth while the other sits on the lower half of his body to pin him down! Shortly after, they begin stripping off his clothes! Only when he is rendered completely naked do they leave him alone!

Dominant Mistress Instructs: Eat My Caviar

When my dominant side prevails,I love to be the mistress and abusing you as a slave!! My caviar Slave…..Come eat all the caviar,otherwise you will feel my High Heels there wobes hurts!! I sit on my Toilettbox,then i shit a very thick sausage,my asshole stretched so much!!Come Looser,give my a Gift,now!!


while in a 69 position she unloads and covers his face completely!!