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Black Goddess Prettyspice More Shitting And Humiliating

Black Goddess is back. Goddess Prettyspice is a BBW Domme and she look perfect for scat training ! A great big and juicy ass who will feed a lot of shit eaters. Today in her second movie, she was shitting and masturbating in her room and humiliate her virtual toilet slave. After shitting a huge kaviar she talk and humiliate her virtual toilets, ordering to eat all her shit

Sexy Nurse Orgasm And Poop

This is a sensual, masturbating, front-facing EFRO style clip. I am wearing my very tight, low-cut slutty nurse outfit and i’m desperate to poop. I’ve been needing it all day and i’ve finally got the chance to do it! But first, i’m going to take my tits out and play with them while you jerk your cock. I tell you to stroke your cock while I oil up my boobs and rub them. But before long, I know I can’t hold this poop in any longer. I slowly, sensually push it out until there’s a big pile of warm shit in front of me. It is a soft, long, thin strand of shit, at least a foot long, curling up into a spiral underneath me. I tell you how amazing it feels to finally have this out of me. In fact, the relief feels so good I want to cum. I begin playing with myself, telling you to stroke your cock while I stroke my pussy, I want us to cum together. After a minute or two of playing with my soaking wet pussy, I tell you to cum with me because i’m about to orgasm, still sitting in a pile of my own shit. It feels so good!

Fight For The Toilet!!but She Has Diarhea

I woke up and like every single morning I go to wash my teeth in the bathroom.But of course my roommate will come and start begging me to use the toilet first ‘Jessy,stop!Its my turn in the toilet.I won’t let you do it AGAIN!!!!’I barely manage to say it with the toothpaste in my mouth.We start fighting,she is trying to sit in the toilet but no no no no….I manage to take of my pants and sit there FIRST!She is begging me stand ‘Hahaha,I feel comfortable here ,Jessy!FEEL NOW THE SMELL OF MY OWN POOP!!!’ I see it her eyes,she is about to cry.Once Im ready,she runs,she takes of everything and WOW..THAT SOUND!!!JESSY GOT DIARRHEAAA!!!!Icant stop laughing,she can’t stop pooping!! Its the perfect time to feel this toilet with our poop and have some dirty fun at the end!