Watching My Gf Pee And Poo Videos

Pissing On The Balcony

Midsummer’s day. The sun is hot: Mistress Melissa drinks a lot and, obviously, piss proportionally. So, she goes to the balcony and fills an entire glass with her precious orange-yellowish nectar. If you look carefully, you can easily see that it’s totally full of pee! Would you like to drink it all? Mistress Melissa agrees but …. but not from the glass – it would be too comfortable and dignified – it’s better to lick it directly from a bowl as an animal would do.

Mistress Roberta – Eat The Shit From My Feet -pov

Today slave you will get a nice snack over my perfect feet after i shit and pee today i will put my feet into that creamy hot shit and i will order them to lick the, clean, and only after you can eat the leftovers .Bon apetit!

Peeing On Her Hands

Peeing on her hands (JJ000577)