Ween Of Farts

Infinite Toilet Hole

Are you ready, my toilet? You really want to eat my huge smelly delicious shit? Well, I’m do it for you! Just open your mouth and swallow my stinky fragrant shit. I will use your mouth instead of a garbage can. Be my toilet paper, lick my asshole carefully. Do you want even more shit? Now I will spit in your mouth and you will have to swallow everything that proceeds from me in your running toilet mouth. You toilet hole, you pathetic being. Haha

Ms D Classics!! Pt !

Enjoy some Classic Blast N Splashes from one of my Original FUNKY Ladies!! Ms D has been here damn near since day one. She was probably the very second model I ever recruited to the site. She also introduced me to many of your other favorites as well. Enjoy this 21 minute set of some of her very first clips!! She may have been shy in front the camera, but the sounds coming out her body were far from that!! Loved her facial expressions as she grunts and groans and strains out her farts and dumps. A nice mix of the old before we hit you with the new!! Now get all the classics for one low price!

Mistress Roberta – Doing A Big Mess In The Leather Pants-pov

Today i took on the leather pants and i start to fart in them a bit untill the shit came and i removed them a bit untill under t he ass spread them well so i can shit inside and after having also the anal washer with me so i can do a bit of enema too so i can make it even more messy and after all this you must see the result the smell and your breakfast – enjoy .

Gran Scat

126.3 Here we are, now Mistress Isabella produce a long and hard turd directly in the slave’s mouth, after he begins to eat it! Mp4.