Westbengal Ladies Pee Bathroom Webcam Video

A Toilet For Two Girls

Since yesterday one of my pay-pigs is in the cell – his tribute is just ridiculous. From the little he gets every month, I can have one nice evening only. That’s why I locked him and forgot there for two days. Today I have a look after him with Miss Jane – the loser can lick our heels, before he gets his meal. As a teaser we spit at him, then Miss Jane has to pee and shits directly into his open mouth.We may assume that he is hungry, but somehow it seems, that he does not like his role as a living toilet. Then I pee at his brown-stained face to clean it, now he must clean up the mess on the ground with his tongue. Well – if he earns so few money, he will probably remain our toilet forever.

I Have Something For You! Mega Shit And Piss, Just For You!

Here I squatted, only for you, with wide-open ass and pussy, as well as with my big released tits, in front of the camera and shit first a mega-shit sausage and then piss a mega-load piss, on the ground! I do DirtyTalk and front you to come to visit me, to shit directly into your mouth and piss and you both swallow! In the end, I hold, my shit smeared asshole, into the camera. Would you like to lick it clean? If yes and you want to swallow my shit and piss, then contact me!

My First Scat Video!!!

Hi guys! I’m Mystress T and I’m new to scat, as a matter of fact this is my first scat clip ever! Don’t you guys feel honored to be the first to watch me get dirty…anyways I start off by shitting in my panties, then I proceed to pull them down just a little so you can see the rest of my poo come out of my pretty little asshole. After pooping a big shit I then start to smear that stinky delicious poop all over my body…I know you wish you could lick my chocolate skin covered in chocolate 😉 Thanks for watching and look out for a whole lot more awesome clips! xoxo

I Wil Sausage From You Part 2

I had to cancel, in part 1..Frauen sometimes pee need:-) Since I did not want to insert the sausage, I have stopped the Camaufnahme here and now you continue, the shit. Of course, the end is not missing:-)