Wetpissy Black

Mistress Margo – Turd Feeding From Plate

Mistress Margo working hard this weekend ! She call her personal toilet again and again and again…almost everyday ! She recorded another combined movie with bdsm, ashtray, face sitting, humiliation, turds on plate, feeding turds, etc She was dressed in a crotchless panty, stockings and a top. As usually, she use his mouth to clean her shoes, sucking her heels, clean her stockings and as an ashtray.

250 Gr Kitchenshit

Yeah, as I got irritable bowel syndrome, I often shit BIG servings .. This time again there came 250 grams, half a pound best, creamy caviar, and that I bring from a completely different perspective to your table! 🙂

My Neighbor And I Do A Dirty 69! – Part 1

So she sits on my face and we do a 69. She rubs her ass on me and then pushes out chunks of smelly scat, right into my open mouth.