White Man Shit In Black Girl Mouth

Toilet Time 30 – 31

The velocity with which my shit came out of my beautiful asshole made the toilet bowl water splash OVER the toilet seat! Keep in mind South African toilets have very little water in the bowl. Read on guys because this video gets interesting :-)Little peeing, little talking from me and then loud breathing, moaning and grunting as I push some hard nuggets out with some soft & creamy ones in between. Nice plopping sounds as my turds drop into the toilet bowl water. Including wiping my ass and flushing it all away. Awwwww, you wanted to eat that? From Toilet Time 30Folding over with cramps as I take probably the NASTIEST soft & creamy shit you have seen in years! I even commented “That was a nasty one!” My thick & creamy turds came out of my beautiful asshole with such velocity that you can actually see the toilet bowl water splashing OVER the seat!!! I marked the “splash-back” for you in red (check the 12th and 13th photo) Not possible to count the amount of turds that came out of me, simply too many. From Toilet Time 31…

Scat Goddess Facesitting And Shit Feeding

Scat Goddess strike again. She love to play daily as you see and today smoke with her toilet slave in her bedroom. He stay on the floor and Scat Goddess put her legs in stockings on his mouth and face, suffocate him with them. She smoke and use him as ashtray while she make him a nice footjob and humiliate him. She spitting in his mouth and explain him that after smoking, he will be her full toilet again, because she love to use only humans as toilets ! She call him in bathroom and she make him full of shit on his mouth and face. She feed him with her gloves and at the end she put water on him to clean the mess. Scat goddess was dressed in some crotchless panty when she shitting in his mouth to have a better view of her gorgeous asshole while she shit. Again she was happy because another human toilet was feeded today by her ! Movie was recording from 2 angles, with video camera and smartphone samsung A5. This is version of video camera

Pissing Into Plumber’s Mouth

185.2 My dear, let you see my pee’s shower into the mouth of my plumber Romeo. This is my slave Coccorocco staing by me in Sardinia for 2 weeks 24/7 this summer 2014. I’m training him to drink and to eat everything. It is not simply, for dinking is ok but for eat…. see the next clip 185.3 ALL in MP4