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Two Goddeses Use Their Toillet Hd (part 1)

What do you do with your toilet man? Right, you are shitting into his mouth as much as you want! We are two beautiful goddesses Adelina and Alexandra use our toilet every day. Yes )) You heard right. Every day he has to eat our smell delicious shit and drink our piss. Like in this new video! This is not a game but hard reality. Real dominate session from two pretty girls. Our toilet slave is extremely humiliated. This time we give our toilet a lot of shit, because we had delicious breakfast. Also he has to lick our soles and heels. Dirty stupid pig. He is used by we as a proper toilet! Because that’s his fate. He open mouth wide and swallow this big smelly portion of his meal! Faster chew and swallow. The next tasty portion of shit awaits you from Mistress Alexandra. Wait for continuations, whiffet…

Serve Me Toilet Slave

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The Girl In The Torn Stockings Pisses On His Feet.

The girl in the torn stockings pisses on his feet.