White Shoo Girl Shit On Mouth

Toilet Ashtray

I love to smoke a cigarette. I use a slave instead of an ashtray, I shake the ashes into his mouth and spit there. Funny – he does not even resist and swallows cigarette butts. I laugh at the slave and beat him with a whip. He should kiss my beautiful legs and sniff it. Then I sit over his face and make him lick my ass! Now he will be my toilet and I fill his mouth with my nasty shit. So delicious to eat my shit! Come and try…

I Wil Sausage From You Part 2

I had to cancel, in part 1..Frauen sometimes pee need:-) Since I did not want to insert the sausage, I have stopped the Camaufnahme here and now you continue, the shit. Of course, the end is not missing:-)

Shit Looking Like Curly Fries

Hey! You want some shit curly fries? This is the softest shit ever. Watch as the shit slides out with ease with no breakage. As it slides out of her ass it forms a long swirl. Grab your forks and spoons or just use your fingers and dig