Wide Anus Shitting

Pinked And Browned

Iya had taken her good time before visiting the toilet and she was on the verge of shitting her panties when she pulled them down. Her butthole had been struggling to stop the huge load from soiling her panties entirely, but failed, and streak marks could be found on her panties aplenty. The hard turd had a sharp tip from being squeezed hard, and it forked gently as Iya pushed the hard turn out. The glorious, slick log smelled like pills, and plopped slowly on the toilet and rested on its side, rolling slightly. The next section was more moist and slid out faster, but was just as fat and smelly as the first one. Iya smelled the shit and turned up her nose, but couldnÂ’t help inhaling the fumes from her innards even as her insides welled up from the smell of shit. She continued pushing out the excess liquefied poo from her hole and felt the warm, stickiness cover her anus.

A Heart With Lots Of Chocolate (full Hd)

Thinking of her faithful slave, Mistress Melissa decides to prepare a heart with lots of chocolate. He found an original way to express his thoughts, obviously being a slave wc. And who said that all the mistress are bad and


A long coil that results in a perfect poop.

Gloria And Julia First Time Part 2

Both Girls are completely new to this, but Curiosity got the better of them, so they just had to use this Toilet Guy at least once. Part 2. English Subtitles