Wife Crazy Piss

Mistress Roberta – Two Feeding Days Bowl And Socks-pov

Today i give you two days of feeding the first day is in the red bowl all the pee and shit inside it and the second day is after pooping and peeing on the floor i start to smear my white socks so i can feed you on my socks and the leftovers.

Mistress Roberta – Getting Messy Pooping In Bed-pov

Today i am going to get very messy because i decide to make your breakfast in bed and being lazy in this morning i will get messy when i poop an huge amount of shit and i pee after so i get all soaked with and all smeared with the soft creamy but delicious and smelly shit so you will have to lick clean also the pee also the shit is on my ass cheeks so enjoy because only after i am clean you can eat the remainings.

Standing Pee

Standing pee (JJ000498)

Loser Toilet!

What can you do with a loser? Nothing! Except to use as a toilet. For this a loser was born. Piss and Shit swallow …. done! If a loser toilet is good and pays enough money, he may perhaps kiss my soles. This loser is such a human toilet. He pays every month his whole salary, but he is still a loser. I piss and shit him right in his mouth! So much shit and piss ….. He manages not to swallow everything. For punishment he must eat the shit from the toilet. Shit from me and my lover who has shit in this toilet before.