Wife Drinks Strangers Piss

Dirty Scat Heel Play

my slave has to lick my heel and my beautiful and delicious feet. than i shit in the heel and go with my feet in it. my slave gets all the scat in his mouth and i smear the shit with my feet. he loves this dirty games.

Francesca’s Painful Booty Snakes

I swear I love watching Francesca take a dump…Nobody makes the same genuine facial expressions and sounds that this lovely BBW does while dropping the in the pool!! I used to swear she was acting, until I caught a whiff and an up close look at what she shitted out one time when we were together!! Good Grief!! While y’all can’t smell the HOT FUNK this woman cooks up, you can definitely take a look!!! Enjoy Three painful dumps from Francesca in these three clips. She even comments on how bad her asshole hurt!! When you see what came out of her you will understand why!!

Ms. D’s Farts, Sharts, And Bubbleguts!!

Ms D returns with a nice set of clips!! Enjoy as she brings a few clips lounging around her house farting, then she takes it to the next level with a nice shart session in her bathroom at home. Then in the final two scenes, enjoy as those sharts turn to solids, then from solids into the Bubbleguts in the finale!! A great set of farting, pooting, sharting, and [email protected]@!!!

The Peeper

I catch a peeper, who is looking through the toilet door. Because he wanted to see me on the toilet, I fulfilled his wish and used his mouth a toilet. I think thats close enough for him, to see all clear. I allowed him to wash himself not in the basin, but in the toilet afterwards.