Wife Face Piss

Shit From Ass1

I really want to shit. I’m starting to shit right into the chair. now I sit down on a chair and press my shit. my ass is all in shit. I masturbate pussy with shit and smear the shit on the pussy and legs.

Latextreme Femdom 1/2 – Filling With The Funnel Gag

The inflatable latex mask and the inflatable enema plug you have already got to know in the clinic, slave. What follows now is the consistent filling through the funnel fog, matching the latex system mask. A perfidious game with my divine spit and you as my toilet slave. You suspect why I stop you with the taste of pee the inflatable gag in the mouth? Your moan, when I fuck you with the same strapon in the ass sounds hornier, if you drool it … [Domina Lady Vampira – SM Studio Femdom Empire]

Submissive Scat Slut For You

I think that shit is the best lotion for my body…

Cooking Spaghetti Poopinaise! – Full Movie

Her spaghetti is garnering raves, but only this maid with the great tits knows the secret ingredient?her own shit! That’s right, her pasta is made extra tasty with a generous helping of her own scat! She dumps in a bowl and then mixes it with the meatballs, making the sauce richer and more pungent!