Wife Going For Poo

Toilet Time 46 – 47

Few things are so special and private as a girl sitting on the toilet pooping. I LOVE bringing my moments taking a poop on the toilet to you guys like I did in this frontal view! – From Toilet Time 46I should’ve called this one “Giving Birth” Us girls get those thick, creamy and sticky turds too that takes effort to push out like these two long ones I pushed out here for you being filmed from behind. You’ll see it was a nice & big shit. Too bad, it could’ve been a meal for a starving slave. – From Toilet Time 47Be sure to check out my other videos like Eat My Pussy where my slave ate me out until I spurted my girl cum right into his mouth during orgasm! Also check out my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

Tatsuko Fiber-rich Diet

Proudly showing off a nice, thick poop.

Here Is My Champagne For You!

Hmmm! This time you are allowed to watch me peeing! That’s what you always dreamed of, isn’t it…!? Of course my pussy has to be cleaned later on – that’s YOUR job! You will have to use your tongue to do so…!

Sugared Dominance

As I command via telephone, my studio toilet crawls to my feet with a feed hopper in his mouth. So it works! After peeing I had some fun. The toilet is too fat, so I as punishment fed him up with sweets, until he could not take any more. Content: Pee, ashtray games, whipping, spitting, feeding