Wife Pee And Poops

Fulfilling Husband’s Wishes!

Husband came to his wife and ask if he could taste her piss out of curiosity as his friends at work said it is good for one’s health! Loving wife thought it was weird but then she obeyed. He liked the taste of his wife’s piss! In fact he loves it and wants more!

Shit Painting On The Body

Today I have decided to show my artistic talent. I use my shit and I will paint the shapes all over the body. Of course I will not forget to have shit in my mouth and chew to watch the camera. It does not need a lot of words, you have to see and write your insights for my inspiration

Delicious With Hot Shitting Nylons

YOU are standing on hot Hold up? I show it to you in front of the camera, showing my pussy and then put a thick hard-boiled egg ;