Wife Pee King

Alice’s Filthy Madness – Part 5

I am filthy, mad girl which insanely loves all kind of rotten sex.And this day was not exception, I didn’t go to toilet for several days and asked my boy to make the same thing and also to get some stored shitfor making one of our lovely scat sessions. He shitted, I shitted, we have smeared saved shit and fucked..He was very gentle. while treating my anal hole, I was very gently which treating his month with my shitty feet..Speaking the long story – short – we were very gentle to each other that day. Especially when I stuffed my mouth and pussy with shitand made filthy things, especially when he fucked me like an animal.More than two hours. Shit is flying everywhere.With Love.Alice and AstraCelestial team.

Soft Shit In Mouth And Face

What a hectic day at work! Make no mistake about it. If there is one thing I enjoy after a long hard day it’s to use & abuse my property / slave Devoted Sub for my own sadistic pleasures in order to relax. I ate all sorts of delicious foods at work yesterday with the end result being a nasty & soft shit.I start off by using him as a foot stool (got to put those tired feet up right?) I then decide the couch would be more comfortable if I sit on him with my full weight. I LOVED this because it cause him great discomfort and each breath he takes is a struggle. After this is time for him to lick my smelly & unwashed asshole and to tongue fuck my rectum. Good toilets must earn the honor of eating their mistresses shit don’t you agree?I unload my nasty & soft shit all over his pathetic face and right into his inferior mouth. Even though he was greedy and swallowed what went into his mouth he kept a little so I can show you up close with the camera what a true human toilet with a shit filled mouth looks like 🙂

I Pee In Your Wellies

Domina peeing a slave first on the jeans and then they can all run to his rubber boots are really busy with piss. Remove and empty drink wellies included. Yummy!

Nasty Nurse Feeds Her Patients With Scat!

After visiting hours, this nasty nurse gets down to work on those patients who refuse to eat the bland hospital meals. She squats over a glass bowl and produces the shit and piss that she’s been holding for several hours now! She mixes the foul liquid and manually feeds it to her poor patients! She spreads the piss and shit all over their eager faces!