Wife Pee Tubberware

Etsuko + Nanami

Two best friends enjoy a meal together and then have playful fun with what comes out afterwards!

Pee On Me

“Do you want to try peeing on me?” Elegant charming cool public piss lady caught in front of the camera while pissing. Based on the “How to Piss in Public Satin Blouse Lady” but for the satin blouses ladies made in a feminine style! “Learn More Watch This Movie Now!” Do not pee in public, there is a camera. Impressive! Public pissing. Of course it is a disgusting mess but cute, a sexy satin blouse Lady. She has animated me to piss! Enjoy !!!

Goodness Grace’s Shitting On The Competition!!

Goodness Gracious!!! I swear everytime I see her it’s something new!!! I can’t take it!!! This time enjoy as Grace uses a potty chair to give you an up close and personal view into what it would like to be fortunate enough to be her Potty Slave. Enjoy as she fingers her asshole and finds its “juicy and wet”!! Then enjoy as she hovers and pisses all over your face!! She realizes you have been blinded by her golden nectar so she is merciful enough to clean your face so you can see her pending FUNKY load nice and clear. Then enjoy as she sits back down to finally give you the dookie surprise you’ve been waiting for!!! A wet stinky load of the Goddess of Goodnesses pee and Poo!! Then enjoy as she shows off her dirty asshole and teases you with her load!! Goodness Gracious I hope her fun never ends!!

Shitting In The Bed – Hd Version

Today I’ll show you the beauty of my well-groomed feet. You will see from different angles my big ass and my thighs. You really want me to shit in your mouth. Well, get ready to enjoy of my evening diarrhea. This will be your dinner. I shit right on the bed. Now my ass is dirty and my toilet slave must be clean my ass and lick. I’ll sit on his face and smother him from my big dirty ass. Only lick and swallow my shit.