Wife Shitting Foursome

Alina Eating Chili And Pooping In Mouth Of A Toilet Slave

Alina eating chili and pooping in mouth of a toilet slave. Chili pepper very much burns Alina’s mouth, but Alina loves this pepper very much – she says – it’s very tasty though sharp. He gives her a shit very special taste. Alina hardly eats chili and prepares a new portion of scalding shit for her personal toilet slave. Alina spits in his mouth and smears against the tongue of shit.

Scat On The Toilet Chair

The Mistress Giorgia Divina today decides to give the good morning to all the slaves with a beautiful video made in her wonderful toilet chair, begins with a beautiful piss abundant as usual.Following the Mistress begins an abundant and soft shit, which fills a bowl placed under the chair … The mistress takes a piece with her fingers and tells the slave to open her mouth …And you toiket slave that you are reading …. do you want to come and try it?

My 1st Toilet Vid

I finally figured out a way to record myself on the toilet, and as you can see there was very little room. This was a monster poop. I had a little trouble pushing it out. I start off rubbing my clit and pissing before I released my huge poop .I got up and flushed the toilet without flushing.

Shitting Monster Turd In Castle Schoenbrunn

Wow, this girl is shitting in the park of the famous vienna castle of Schoenbrunn..She is so pretty and really doing a monster turd there… watched by people!!!