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Housewife Punishes Husband By Pissing On His Face! – Full Movie

A woman caught her husband cheating so she punishes him! She employs the most unusual and unpleasing mode of torment to make sure he doesn’t repeat it again which is urinating on his face! During the punishment, some of the piss got into the victim’s nose, causing him to open his mouth in the pursuit to grasp for air, however, this only led him to swallow some of her urine! Lucky for him, she doesn’t prolong his agony. She stops as soon as she released all her piss!

Miss Flowers Sissy Maid P6

The maid now gets even more piss from Miss Flowers, which simply stands cheeky over the slave maid and starts to pee. Afterwards, both ladies sat down and watched as the maid slurps the piss from the bowl. He can start to wank his cock till the end.

Feeding My Sissy

One of my street sluts, who all day stands on the street to work for hismistress and goddess came to my studio, to bring me some money.Because my sissy looked so emaciated, I thought I should give somethingto eat him.Miss Jane and me fixed the livestock to the pillory and gave him anappetizer in the form of snot and light beats (I cannot hit too hard,because that might reduce his earnings).So Miss Jane made her a beautiful gourmet plate of shit done, exactlybefore the nose of my street bitch, so he could see the pussy and theopening rosette of Miss Jane.Then my sissy got the shit bite for bite lovingly stuffed in his mouth,he obediently swallowed everything.Now my Sissy was strengthened properly and was able to continue herslave service on the streets!

Toilet Slave For Crystal

Crystal, a black girl with long braids and a black mask, straddles her toilet slave white boy. She delights in having her guy on his back under her, mouth wide open as she pisses. When you’re a beautiful young woman with a tight shapely ass and firm tits, there’s always guys ready to serve as your toilet and use their tongue for cleaning you up afterward to the last drop.HD 1080p