Wilf Ttaking Pee

Perverse Pee And Scat In A Bowl

sometimes i have to do this pervers and dirty things. in this video i pee and shit in a bowl for you. hope you like it

Scat Handjob And Dirty Anal With Cumshot

My boyfriend came home from a long day at work.I was at home on the computer doing some stuff.I promised him the day before that we will do anal cause of the hard day at work and i want him to relax when he comes home.We made us comfortable, talked a bit and eventually we started making out.Things went great, we both got really horny and we wanted to make anal.The thing i did not told him before was that i needed to poop a bit during the make out.Well, he fucked me in my ass and for sure he felt that there was something in my butt.So he stopped in me and asked me if i want to poop it out and fap his hard dick with my poop.But before we got to the really good part i stood up and got the Camera, cause i just love it with the Camera.And here is the video of us having,as always, fun with my fillings.Have fun watching!Lots of love,LucyScat

Nearly Sticking Your Nose In

Wow – that’s so close now, almost the shit comes crawling out of the monitor! Look at how slowly I press the solid pieces from my tight butt. As my asshole getting puffy while delicately wrapped around the hard nuts… Only missing Your outstretched finger gently caressing my asshole… or rather your tongue? 😉