Will Eat All Of My Shit

Zelda Is Just Simply…..wow!!!

Zelda continues to amaze me each clip she puts out!! Enjoy as she keeps expirimenting with with new angles and postions to keep her EFRO action new and fresh each time!! Enjoy her funkiest half dozen clips yet!! Enjoy as she spreads that cute ass of hers nice and wide in couple scenes and shows the logs coming out nice and up close!! Zelda has fast become one of my most talked about ladies, and after this clip you gonna be Speechless!! All I can say is WOW!!! Amazing how such a beautiful ass can push out so many monsterous disgusting logs!! Enjoy as she fills the Bowl repeatedly in all 6 Clips!! She even left a monster bogey all over the seat!!!

Part 2 Auchan Shopping Center

Look at the second part of the clip ‘3 Days, 3 Shits in 3 Different Public Toilets’.

Dirty Scat Play

Frank craps on my shod feet, the shit pisses me down again and squirts a fat load of cum from it.