Window Pee Ping Neighbor

I Crap You In The Mouth Crappy Toilet Slavet

Mistress Giorgia now assiduously wants a real human toilet every time she has to go to the bathroom, a real Queen like you now should not even touch a ceramic cup!The toilet on duty is made to lie down on the floor in the bathroom, the Mistress sits on his chest and begins a beautiful game spitting and centering the toilet in the mouth.The slave is totally in the hands of Mistress Giorgia who crouches on his face and starts a fantastic piss.The toilet is performing and swallows all the pee of the Mistress, like a real toilet must do!The Mistress is not yet satisfied with his toilet and orders him to keep his mouth open because he wants to shit inside.Soon the Mistress’s chocolate enters the mouth of the lucky toilet slave.

Lady Katharina – Toilet Paper P2

This is very rarely seen, but exclusively here Scatqueens Lady Katharina had felt like to be pampered her asshole of the slaves tongue before then shits her toilet slave in his mouth. But before you can see how the slave massage her asshole, Lady Catherine ties the eggs of the toilet slave tightly and pulls them over a rope to the top. So the slave remains are exactly where she wants to have the shit-eater. Then pisses him only once in his mouth. Her asshole opens and closes again several times. Then the slave gets the order from Lady Katharina to stick his tongue deep into her anus. The dream of every toilet slave, to spoil the asshole of his KV mistress before it poops in his mouth and mix it with her spit.

Pile Of Shit And Red Pantyhose

pile of shit and red pantyhose-very perverse show