Wives Eating Pee

Diarrhea In The Shower

My menstruation are here 🙁 …. I have to take a shower … and my belly hurt me so much! I enter on floor of the shower and start to push and piss … I knew … a jet of diarrhea! I pick up with all my hands soft diarrhea and smear me on the breasts, thighs, belly, ass and pussy … I caress myself … I continue to caress me … I’ll tell you it’s fun to see my bathroom all dirty … so funny that my pussy squirt all in the floor of shower! Wow!

Shit Eater First Timer-second Cam-closup Cam

This is the same clip like shit eater first timer from an other camera angle. In this clip you can see the vomiting and shitting action in a more close angle!

Thud – Ouch!

A beautiful creamy and big portion I press with some effort out of my tight asshole, because all that would not come out so voluntarily! Hot hot pussy juice gushes like a topping on a solid chocolate praline, a truly delicious sight!