Wo Grill Shiting

Piss For The Nylon Slave

A new slave has applied for a toilet. He said he could swallow large amounts of piss. An invitation for me to try out, if he not only has a big mouth, but also a swallowing. 🙂 However, I was very surprised when the horny sow showed up in a nylon catsuit in front of me. But since i liek trannies, it made me particularly fun to pee in his wide open mouth. And the horny pig has swallowed everything. 🙂

Mistress Victoria-pot Slave Serving Victoria

Today Mistress Victoria is shitting and peeing on the pot slave ‘s head and spread the shit on his body like a scrub for the slave’s skin and also pushing the shit in his troat so he can swallow all the shit and pee she did so enjoy the clip .

My Shit In The Shoe

Today the Mistress wants to wish the good morning to all the toilet slaves with a nice shit.She then decides to go inside her shoe …. a good intense chocolate quickly fills all the shoe that is now ready for you toilet slave. The Mistress makes you see her shit, she is ready to put the shit in the mouth …..