Wo She Males Shit On Each Other

Broken Toilet 13 – Take Out Food

Did you know even slaves get lazy when it comes to cooking? Believe it because it’s all true. My slave got a bit lazy recently and on Friday instead of cooking me my usual home cooked meal like he does everyday he got me take out food. He was thoughtful enough to get my favorite but it got me thinking. How about an experiment? What if I ate ONLY these take out foods daily the whole week-end and NOTHING else. These chicken burgers with fries and mash potato & gravy sauce and hold it in as long as possible to see what it will taste like for my slave when it comes out of my perfect female asshole a few days later. I’ve been munching down several of these meals and the last one Sunday afternoon was the hot box meal (everything with hot chili) I’m not a big fan of “hot” foods but wanted to see what exactly it would do to my bowel movement.The cramps and stirring in my bowels started just after 10PM Sunday night but I thought I’d be able to hold it till the morning. My colon had other plans though and by 2AM Monday morning I went to my slave’s room to wake him up so he can come and fulfill his duties as my toilet.This was by far the most disgusting shit I pushed out in a LONG time! The first turd was very long, thick and creamy, filling his mouth and covering most of his loser face. I was far from done however. I groan in pleasure and delight as I cover both sides of his face in a very soft shit. By the burning sensation of my rectum and asshole I knew that was the last “hot” meal I ate a few hours ago. The room was filled quickly with the most revolting shit smell that could drop a horse. I explained to him how good this is for him as I filmed his filled mouth and covered face. Despite the bitter cold (it’s currently winter here) I could feel my wetness & arousal. I left him with that mess in his mouth and all over his face the rest of the night, completely naked.As I crawled into the warm bed in our master bedroom hubby woke up and we made passionate love under the warm covers. I reached several amazingly powerful orgasms thinking about my slave in the next room, lying in this cold naked in a wooden floor with his mouth and face filled with the most revolting shit I pushed out in a long time. Afterwards I fell asleep in hubby’s warm arms. It was only several hours later I woke and went to my slave’s room. I sat on a chair and brought myself to several more orgasms in the next hour seeing the agony he was in before telling him he can get up and get himself cleaned up. Seems when it comes to punish my slave there simply is no end to my wickedness and sadism for my own pleasure.As a thank you to all my fans buying my clips I included a surprise at the end of this video ABSOLUTELY FREE! Not telling you what it is though, don’t want to spoil anything. It’s just a thank you for your loyal support xoxo Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Princess Kate Acquires An Obedient Toilet Slave

Princess Kate acquires an obedient toilet slave. Every day Kate uses the slave’s mouth for her needs. Every morning, as she wakes up, she pisses and drops shit in his mouth. She often calls her friends to use the slave’s mouth as a toilet. Today, she makes his mouth full of chocolate shit. Do you want to be in his place?

Floor Shitting Ahead Part 4

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