Woman Forced Shit

Smoke Hookah And Shit Feeding

I had a lot of fun in this video. My human lick my shoes and kisses my feet. He licks my asshole and swallows my huge nasty shit! He eat every piece of my smelly shit! He keeps my shit in his mouth for a long time. After that I feed him and he licks my gloves 🙂 Did you like it, bitch? It was fun. You are stupid shit eater!

Smoking & Pissing In The Lake, Shitting At The Shopping Centre (mp4)

Mistress Melissa is in Austria and we’ve decided to film her, while she is taking a bath in the waters of a small austrian lake. Obviously Mistress Melissa, as usual, started smoking, but to our big surprise, she pulled out a boob – Melissa has incredible big tits and her swimsuit accentuated all her curves – and then, pulling the edges of her swimsuit, showed us her beautiful pussy. Suddenly golden pee began to come out of her pussy lips. Water and Piss: Nature at its best! In the short second part of the video – filmed in that same day – Mistress Melissa delights our view and senses, shitting in the toilet of an Austrian shopping center. Today the brown of her poop is close to perfection! If you watch this video, you will agree with us 🙂

Francesca Gabriella Am Blasst Off!

Francesca came in and blew it up quick fast one morning before getting into the shower. She lets out a nasty, super loud fart followed by an explosion of Shit and gas that would have you dying!! Watch her sexy Massive tits as they jiggle and wiggle while she GPS’ through this dump like only she can. Damn those facial expressions and noises!!

A Teacher Used As Toilet

Sweetbaby and me are in a school lesson. When I want to go to the toilet, the teacher says I cannot. I get angry and as punishment we make the teacher my toilet! After pissing into his mouth I felt much better. After that, we had some other nice punishments for the teacher…