Woman Forced To Shit Her Self

Oh How Good That Nobody Knows, On Whom I, With My Girlfriend Contessa, Everything Shit! Part 2

Second part of three parts from the full movie! Here are my girlfriend Barbara Contessa Calucci and I, another toilet slave, extremely bottled and dirty used! After we had slaughtered the slave, in his slave mouth, and Contessa, the slave, had first shit in his mouth, and pissed, I have the slave here in the 2nd Part, extem, shitting and pissing in his mouth

My First Solo Scat Smearing

This video i will play and smear shit in my face and breast. Also i taste and eat a little.

Mistress Roberta -morning Breakfast -full Menu -pov

This morning you will have a full menu breakfast a little bit from all alot of pee, some creamy sosages of shit and the toilet paper with juices on and shit, bon apetit!