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Christina put her shit in her animal. Christina does not like to ask for long to swallow, if I do not obey she commits a series – 5 strong blows! These sessions cause me real fear of them, but I like to be there and do everything that girls order and endure the pain. This time Christina’s shit was very thick and sticky – she ate pork chops, and the meat gives a very thick consistency, which is difficult to swallow unless thoroughly chewed. But Christina does not like to wait – her goal is to quickly put all the shit in me. Swallowing large badly chewed pieces is very difficult, but Christina is hurting very much!

Lisas Visit Day2 Hd P1

Lady Lisa is sitting on his face and continue with her makeup. Then she uses him as a human toilet and shit two times in his mouth and starts to smear his face with her shit.


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