Woman Poop V Panti

Chocolate Dessert For You

Mistress Antonella is making a tasty chocolate dessert for you. A big one!

Poop Eating Instructions

This is a sensual poop video including butt plug play and eating instructions. I am completely naked except for a pair of black lacy stockings in a standing squat position. I show you my tight little asshole, then I push my small buttplug in and start fucking myself with it while stroking my wet pussy. I talk dirty to you, telling you I need to poop and i’m going to make you eat my shit. After a couple of minutes I pull the buttplug out and start pushing. I very slowly push out a big log of poop, telling you to eat it straight from my ass. Let me poop this shit directly in to your mouth. Chew and swallow every last mouthful. I push out quite a few sizeable logs, talking dirty the whole time. Then I show off my messy asshole and tell you to lick it clean. There’s still a little bit of poop left on it so I tell you to lick it up and swallow it. For the last couple of minutes of the video I play with my pussy while talking dirty. At the end, I show off the big pile of poop I made.

Eat Shit Looser P4

At the last part you will see how the lady shits over the other three big bunches of shit from the other ladies. The face of the toilet slave is covered totally with shit. and

Double Slave Part 6

Here the Girls are glad to have 2 Slaves to choose from. And of course they show there Prefences. Part 6 Fatima. English Subtitles