Woman Shit After Day

On The Toilet

Watch me pee. I pissed over my balls. Then I was really horny. I massaged my wet eggs and cock. then he became really hard, when I licked my wet fingers. horny greetings casi

Slaves Of Cherie And Jane

Two servants are mercilessly exploited to Jane and Cherie. One is brutally tortured, the other is used as a toilet for two mistresses.Miss Cherie pees a big load into his mouth, then she opens up her ass and a big pile of shit follows, what the slave is allowed to swallow and eat. Soon afterwards Miss Jane uses the toilet slave for a good portion of her caviar. With gloves, she helps the now overworked slaves to eat it. Both girls beat the other slave in between for their amusement and leave distinct traces of the whips and their sharp nails on him.

Sniffing My Farts, Poo, & Pee While Masturbating

@ 11.5 Min ? My Most Popular Poo Video!! I Get Down & Dirty In This One 😉 Dirty Talking Throughout The Whole Video!! I Start Off Rubbing My Naked Body While I Tease You With My Words Then Let Out Some Farts For You!! Mmm? I Cup The Smell & Bring It To My Nose. It Turns Me On So Bad & I Let You Know Exactly How Much. Look At My Asshole Flex As I Push Out Each Stinky, Dirty Fart For You! I Know You Love It! 😉 Farting For The First 4 Min Of The Video Then We Move On To Pushing Out The Giants Turds & Pissing! I Can?t Help But Rub My Pussy & Clit Throughout The Entire Process! After I Push Out Every Ounce Of Chocolate & Lemonade?. I Masturbate Over The Pile. I Sniff It & Smell It While I Continue To Rub My Pussy To Orgasm! Oh, What A Dirty Girl I Was For You!

Underground Toilet Slave Part 3

This Movie was the first real cruel Movie we made. It smelled so bad and the Slave was dizzy after the 4th Girl and wanted out, but since he was tied up underneath and our Weight kept him in Place, I just kicked him in the Face and told him: ‘Shut up, You will finish this fucking Movie!’ After the Movie, he said, never again. But he is still here Part 3 with Celeste. English Subtitles