Woman Shit Eating Solo

Wetting My Jeans In The Park Was Fantastic!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny autumn day and I went to the nearby park with a book and a big bottle of mineral water. It was so warm and sunny that I sat right on the ground covered with leaves in the foot of a birch tree. I was reading my interesting new book,drinking a lot of water and in an hour and a half I felt my bladder so full that it was impossible to hold it anymore. But, you know, sometimes you dont want to leave the spot you feel so comfy and nice:) That was the case now – dont make me move, I like the sun, the air, the silence in the park. So I just decided to make it even better – I just spread my legs wide and let it all go down my tight blue jeans! It was good before, now it`s simply PERFECT:) Feeeling my wet jeans, the warm pee soaking my panties and jeans, the smell of a fresh urine around…mmm – PRICELESS!Super HD Quality!

Eating Pussy At The Doctor’s Office! – Part 1

Why not eat pussy while the doctor is busy? They do on the couch and on the floor; they take turns sitting on each other’s faces and devouring pussy! They do the 69 while keeping an eye on the door; the doc might come out and catch them on their deed!

Quick&hard Boooom!

My quick booom up close! You feel the smell …?