Woman Shit Men Mouth

Poop Smearing Over My Ass And Pussy

Hi! If I am new to you, nice to meet you, I’m Linda the new poop and scat lover girl. This is my second video of shit play I want to share with you. This video was not planned so it was spontaneous. I wanted to shit and then to my mind came idea to take my two cameras and start to record. I’m so excited getting more and more dirty! I finger my shitty asshole and then poop quite a lot, I grab that shit with my hands, then I rub it over my ass and pussy. IMPORTANT – Guys, this was supposed to be recorded with to cameras, but of my mistake it was not recorded in one of them. So, I’m only sharing video from the first camera. For some moments of camera crazy crops I drop a price, because I don’t want you to miss it ?xoxoLinda

Bestfriends Shit Everywhere!

These bikini babes must have eaten some bad guacamole and now their stomachs are hurting so bad! After pooping on the side of the road, they managed to find a public restroom. Once inside, they sit down and poops some more! They plan to move from place to place and shit whenever they feel like it!

Fishin For A Turd

pee and poop in a plastic bowl then i lick the piss in the bowl trying to pick up a turd with my mouth …i get one and show it to u haha ; itll make u want to buy my pee and poop to do the same

Blindfolded Slave Eats Piss & Shit! – Part 2

She shits right into his face, commanding him to eat it. Still not content with what she already gave him, she leans over his face and spits into his mouth, giving him his dessert.