Woman Shits On Plate

Bound Slaves To Pull Dung For Him

The mistress tied the slaves to the limbs with a tape, crawling the slaves, and then crawling the slaves to the bathroom, shitting and shitting the slaves.

Pooping On Campus Again!

I’m on my way to workout when I start to fart and I then hurry to the restroom so I could take a messy poo it got all over the toilet and I have to clean up my dirty mess!

Cruel Shitting Session In Patio Part 2 Karey

Here the Girls made sure the Slave is not moving and are standing in Line now to abuse the Slave with pooping into him and at the same Time, check where his Limits are and they found is Limits very quick. Part 2 Karey. English Subtitles

Paid For You In Close-up

Come and be very close to it when I’m on the toilet ausschei├če.Na you get like me time to serve as a toilet?