Woman Shits On Track

Mistress Gaia – The Training Goes On

ENGLISH SPOKENThis ugly, fat slave is a another candidate for a position as human toilet in my harem. During his first session he could only sniff and lick my shit. Today, in my dungeon in Milan, I’m continuing his training: this time he must go further and I want him to put my shit in his mouth and swallow it. He is lucky, because I’m very full and I’m going to produce a huge amout of shit, together with a cup of my divine nectar . The meal is ready, slave, let’s start …..

Goddess Andreea – Slave Secured On Table Then Ignore

Today Goddess Andreea have a guest in her dungeon. A slave who have a weird fetish, to be tied up and ignored….Exactly as Goddess want for today, a pathetic slut who will not speak or disturb her while she doing her other businesses…..She keep him secured to bench, strap him tight and also tied his cock and balls. She put an inflatable ballgag in his mouth and in this way she will not hear a word from him. She come twice to see if he is still there:) Then she tease him with pissing….she piss near him and he only can hear ….not see anything….Then Goddess need to shit and going to bath and shit on the floor.

2 Female Slaves, Were Trained To Live Pissoars!

Here I and one of my girlfriends, was trained, from 2 Dominate men, to living toilets! They pissed us into our mouths, on our pussies and bodies! We also had to do piss kisses, and practice piss exchange and lick our bodies clean. And we had to blow the cocks clean after we had to swallow their stinky spicy men’s piss!

Mistress Gaia – Oceanin Crap

This video is a must and you must hurry up to buy it, my little toilet slaves, cause I evacuate such a huge amount of shit that you’ve never seen out from the asshole of a girl. A sea of shit! Drown in it, shit slaves!!!