Woman Shitting Her Panties

Nasty Shit For The Slave

I didnt shit for 34 hours. And my girlfriend Laura strongly wants to shit. My slave was very lucky. So much stinky shit for him. I feed him down the throat and he gets a double portion too… Mmm…It so nasty! My best and biggest mouth shitting. My ass in close up . You can almost taste it . I shit often always very big…Enjoy 🙂

Diarrhea Voodoo – Mp4

A female slave of mine not too obedient needs to learn my lesson. So, using my magic skills, I begin to practice a dangerous form of voodoo, putting down a waterfall of diarrhea directly on a doll that closely resembles my pretty slave. I believe that she will have shitty days in the next future…

3 Girls Used The Toilet Slave

3 girls used the toilet slaveChristina – has accumulated shit for 2 days.Yana – has accumulated shit for 2 days.Amina – constipation 4 days.All the girls strongly wanted to shit and in every possible way hurried me to start shooting. I was scared – because I have to swallow everything – I should not disgrace the girls!Christina was the first – to her taste and smell I had long been accustomed to and loved it! She always hurried me – Swallow faster, the girls want to shit, the girls are waiting!Yana was second, her shit was sweet to taste and contained a large number of grains that crunched in my mouth. In the process of shooting Yana pooping 2 times and additionally fed me female secretions.Amina was the third. I was in anticipation of a big pile. By phone, Amina told me that she had shit on Sunday – today was Wednesday! I asked – so you have a hard and a lot? She answered – Yes, and laughed! She had a very hard and well-formed shit – swallowing it is as difficult as diarrhea. When it all ended I felt myself used – it was really tough, I thought that I could not keep it to myself, but I did it! I think now I’m ready to serve 4 girls, but I think – this is my maximum!

Mistress Roberta – Soft Shit In The Afternoon-pov

Today my toilet slave you are waiting a late afternoon lunch soft and creamy just how you like it so take your spoon because today you must take the shit out from the soup again 🙂 enjoy!