Woman Shitting Herself In Car

Shit In Different Costumes

Today I dress as Santa and decorate the Christmas tree. But I’d love to shit. I’m making a gift to Santa. I take a bowl and start to shit. I am satisfied with the result. This difference is a gift.My stomach is full of shit. I want to get rid of it. I can not stand it any longer. My toilet is closed. I’ll take the bowl. With my ass and shit, to be a powerful current. I’m fine I’m satisfied with the result.

Mistress Isabella New 2014 Scat

187.4 This is the top scat of my pre- 50’birthdays. It is not simpy for me to describe in english-US what i feel. I’m Italian, you know. I borned in 1964, just half century ago. I think I been one of the first Mistress in Italy, i decide that my life must to be Femdom. I have a very good look, i know, i’m just nature make me, i can not understand chirurgical help, i hate this. Let the time do his job. This is my philosophy, may be i can not write english-US so good but i hope you understand me. Pure Femdom. To be 50 years old is a Pit Stop for every one, i hope you can have this, may be you have this pit stop since 30 years, so, i love you!!!!! Have a nice days forever! In this clip my favourite slave sissy Carlotta eat also a lot. She is so far from me, but she arrive to me every year. I love her.


Katrin is hot running diareeah on the chair;)

Interview With Fatima

Girl is shitting in man’s mouth while being interviewed.